Friday, August 17, 2012

Total Quality Management for Dummy Politicians.

For those who have implemented Total Qualty Management at their work place, this is a refresher course, but for those politicians or otherwise, who know nuts about TQM, you are going to be a failure if you do not believe in T.Q.M.

 Rule No 1 : Customer Satisfaction. 
  In order to have quality,you must satisfy your customer. Who are your customers? They are the voters at your constituent. You must be driven by a slgan. The slogan is the Customer is Boss. For politicians the slgan is "The Rakyat is Boss. Our Prime Minister najib also have a slogan, "Rakyat di utamakan" which is similiar to the Rakyat is Boss. But that is N.A.T.O. lah. No action,talk only. Come next election, they will be discarded like a used tampoon. Those politicians who know how to please the rakyat ie Customer Satisfaction will be the winner in the next election. UMNO not only enoys the rakyat, they even jailed and killed some of them. So how to win the elections, unless they get SPR to cheat for them.

 Rule No.2 : Analyst your problems.
 The rakyat is your army. If your army has no minimum pay and because of the inflation, due to Dr M's financial mismanagement, the pay becomes a third of its original value that is a big problem. But Dr M still insist that Malaysia should not have minimum pay. Is he an idiot or what.??? Dr M does not know who his customers are.He still thinks that American Corporations are going to vote for him.!!! Ha,ha,ha, What a dummy.!!! Read my refutation of Dr M's anti minimum pay stance @ Minimum pay must be addressed. Najib is smarter than Dr M when he promised that minimum pay would be implemented. But you know lah Dr M will have his way. Rosmah will have her handbags and billion dollar rings too. Not fogetting there is also their Hindu bomoh Guru Ji who will have his way too. So susah lah this Najib. He will be singging a new somg called "No Way".

 Remember Oh Politicians.!!! You must be aware of problem.!!! To know your problems, you must have dialogs with your voters. Try to meet their every demand. After all you are their servant. They are your boss. This is The Total Quality Management way used by all successful and brilliant Managers.  

Rule No.3 : Plan.
 "Those who do not Plan, will plan to fail." 
In order to plan, you must know your problems first. Then you start on what to do, who to do,when to do, charted on your calender, and use a critical pathe analysis, if you know how to. Then there is the costs or budgeting for the whole T.Q.M process.

 Rule No.4 : Do. The Do part is most effective if you have 1) Job description for each worker and also 2) a work procedures for your staff. Organizations that do not have job descriptions end up not knowing what to do in a new, different or changing situation.  

Rule No.5 : Check
After you have done your job, the job must be checked by your self, and if the specifications is not met, the you have to re-plan and re-do, and then check again until you get it right. Don't ask your boss to check your own work. That is like asking to be fired. A check system is of utmost importance and I never fail to tell this Superman joke I invented at every T.Q.M Seminar/Training I conducted.
 " Once upon a time Superman came to Sarawak. He heard a plea for help from some long house. So he quickly went into a phone booth(opps, no phone both so it is a toilet), took out his Clerk Kent clothes and flew to help the damsel in distress.
"When he arrive, every one were laughing at him.!!!
"Why.??? "
"He was naked.!!! He forgot his costume. He failed to check whether he was wearing his costume." "The moral of the story is,.. If you fail to turn the Deming Circle, you would be embarrassed every time."

 Rule No. 6 : Action.
This action is actually corrective action after you find out some defects in your Plan and Do.  

Rule No 7. Turning the Demings Circle.
The Deming Circle invented by Dr Deming, an American quality guru who taught the Japanese about TQM, is a circle divided into 4 segments, the 1st segment is Plan, the 2nd segment is Do, the3rd segment is Check, and the 4th segment is Action. What it entails is repeating the steps above every time you do your work.

May Allah make ouality politicians out of those who become one.
Selamat Hari Raya.

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