Saturday, May 4, 2013

PRU13 :Jangan Undi Parti2 Setan (UMNO/BN)

PRU 13 sudah sampai, hip hip horay,
Ini lah masa kita tentukan rakyat tokay.
Gantikan BN kerajaan setan,
Korupsi BN kita hapuskan.

Beratus tahun rakyat di jajah
Selepas British UMNO menjajah.
Kolonialis yang kaya di kayakan.
Rakyat miskin makin di miskinkan.

 500 untok rakyat sendiri.
5 billion untok kroni.
Belanja duit rakyat macan duit sendiri.
Hutang 500 billion rakyat yang rugi.

Korupsi dan boros belanja sifat UMNO,
Duit keluar melebehi mduit masuk.
Duit jatuh nilai di katakan inflasi,
Padahal ianya bankerapsi.

Cukup sudah rakyat di zalimi.,
UMNO/BN perlu di gulingi.
Mari kita undi Pakatan,
Untok elak parti2 Setan.

Tapi awas UMNO/SPR menipu,
Moga Allah akan mereka di tipu,
Kalau menang kita joli.
Kalau di tipu kita revolusi.

Moga Allah berkati perjuangan rakyat yang di zalimi,!!!


Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed , I have to admit there were many screw ups. PAS should realize that it is the weakest link in PR, all their hudud crap scared away even the malay voters. Any malay who voted for BN does not care one iota for religion since they voted for murder, torture, rascism and corruption so why play the hudud card? duh - get to know the people, most of the seats they won were on the back of its PR allies - look at Negeri Sembilan, DAP wins all its seats while PAS wins none! And they were making a fuss over not getting to stand in enough seats . Next time just stay out of NS and we'll see if the malays will vote for DAP PRs failure is the failure to break out of race based politics and the idea that one must field candidates from a certain race in a certain area, these results have given me inspiration in what Malaysians really want , something PR was too scared to go for - a truely one Malaysia - race blind - and so many were living in primitive times debating hudud!!!

pak yeh said...

It is incorrect to blame PAS or Malays for the lose by PR.
SPR is a corrupt branch of UMNO/BN. So how can they not ensure that UMNO/BN wins.???
We can never win any election unless we replace SPR with a truly honest and independent organization.