Monday, May 6, 2013

PRU13 : Satan's Party Wins Election By Deception.

Satan's party is UMNO/BN as per Dr Mahathis' article on his blog ( ) encouraging the people to vote for "the devil they know", refering to his party, UMNO/BN.

Viola ! The people has voted for "the devil they know". as per the results of the PRU13.

But then again, is the rakyat so stupid to to vote for "the devil they know".???
The answer is offcourse a yes, for the devil being the the Chief Deceiver (as per Quran 31:33 "nor let the Chief Deceiver (Satan) deceive you about Allah.", is responsible for all fraud and deception.

"The devil you know"(UMNO/BN) bribes the poor unfortunate souls with BR1M RM500 dollars.
These are the poor unfortunate souls who because of poverty, are willing to sell their soul to the devil thus purchasing hell in this country (via inflation and monetary devaluation) and in the hearafter.
Is this not bribery and corruption by UMNO/BN.???. But SPR is okay eith that.That is because SPR works for the devil (UMNO/BN) too.

The poor and ignorant are but blind followers. It is the Opposition/PR that should lead them, by discouraging them from accepting bribes. It is the opposition/PR that should declare BR1M as a bribe,  If I was a PAS Ulama, I would have made a fatwa that BR1M is haram because its intention is to buy votes.

Then again, BN won the elections  not because of vote buying alone. There were many other causes.
The election system itself is so full of fraudulent systems/practices which support fraud. These practices by SPR favors its paymaster UMNO/BN.
Among these corrupt systems are

1) the postal voting system that is not transparent and fair, These system had been abused at every election,to secure that UMNO/BN wins at every election.

2) the indelible ink that can be easily removed with soap and water, allows for some people to vote repeatedly,

3) the instant citizenship for votes, which was first introduced in Sabah by Dr M and currently used all over the country is a fraudulent practice.

4) The non independence of SPR having to report to the UMNO/BN Prime Minister is another corrupt system.It is only logical to say that the election commission/SPR headed by UMNO members is obliged to cheat when asked to do so by their master,the UMNBO/BN Prime Minister.

Because there are proofs of fraudulent practices in the PRU13 the results of the election is fraud and cannot be accepted as legal. As such UMNO/BN is an illigal government.
Because these fraudulent practices/systems exist within SPR, it is impossible for UMNO/BN to lose any election.
As such only a revolution can replace UMNO/BN as the government. Period.

Come lets have a revolution, like America did against the British,like Russia did against the Czar,like China did against Britain,Germany,France,Japan. History proves that all those countries who had a revolution became Super Power countriess. Hence revolution is the only way foward.
Don,t we want to have our own revolution.??? Or do you prefer to be ruled forever by corrupt UMNO/BN via SPR orchestrated fraudulent elections.???
I bet there is going to be more of UMNO/BN's corruption scandals and mounting debts that causes hyper inflation and money devaluation which is actually hidden taxes, courtesy of the Devil (Dr M) and his devil party(UMNO/BN).!!!.

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