Monday, June 10, 2013

Boycot Kafirogomen / Kerajaan Tipu Undi

Post PRU13, we are faced with the credibility odf the UMNO/BN because of percieved fraudulent   elections.
The rakyat is left with no other alternative but to to not cooperate or boycott the UMNO/BN government.
It is beyond your religion and principles to keep quite, when someone had cheated you in the PRU13. We are not Muslims,Christians,Bhudist or Hindus if we allow robbers and cheats to rule over us via a fraudulent elections.
The game of democratic elections is dead if its referee(SPR) is seen to be cheating for UMNO/BN/
We are but kafirs or disbelievers if we accept UMNO/BN the originator  of the PRU13 fraud as legitimate winner and our government.
Heaven will be fobiden to us and Hell is the most likely place for disbelievers, be it of wordly or of the hearafter.

So what do we do.? This is our dilema. And it requires a braint storm for every rakyat.
here are my suggestions :
1) Tell the fraudulent UMNO/BN govenment that we do not accept the results of PRU13.
1.1) By this we should demonstrate and ask for their resignation.
1.2) By asking SPR to resign, although it is a asecondary matter, because SPR works for UMNO/BN.
Asking SPR to resign without asking the BN government to resign is not good enough.
1.3)All these demonstrations might not get the required results but we should persist.
"A giant snowball effect, the required result, starts with a little rolling snow ball."

2) Install ourselves as the legal govenment within whatever limitations it has.
Once we haram/illegitimise the UMNO government, we must halal/legitimise the opposition as our  government.
The opposition does not have a right to be the government is it refuses to listen to us.
This is because in a democracy, they(Pakatan Rakyat) are just poxies of the rakyat.
So instead of conradicting Harris Ibrahim, Anwar and Karpal Singh should have supported him.
This is a "thingking outside of the box" approach.
2.1) Instal our own security personnel.! No budget.? Not a problem.! Everyone becomes a Policeman, Army and a Government Officuial.!This is another thinking out of the box approach.!
2.2) Have our own green revolution. All revolution without a green revolution would end up hungry and lose the war. Again there should be no specialization of jobs. Everyone should plant their own food or manage their own food supply via a Consumer Support Agriculture." (Read )

3) We should have our own bussines and industry. The co-operative method of bussiness is the best method to put UMNO/BN bussiness monopolies out of bussiness.

4) The rakyat and not any party PR or BN shall form our own SPR and conduct an election every 5 years, This verily is the true democracy. We cannot delegate ellection co,,isions/SPR to political parties as it will be a conflict of interest for them.

Verily the method of revolution described above is the "Organic Revolution" (refer ) or "Revolution by Evolution" (refer )

May Allah guide all of us to create a more loving community and culture.

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