Friday, June 7, 2013

How Truth Became Dogma and Falsehood

The song above by Zain Bikka is an allegory to how truth in religion,politics,economics were corrupted to suit the purpose of those in power.

The Rabbis,Priests,Ulamas and Monks actually try to monopolize God and religion.
Muslim dogmas such as "If you do not have a teacher, the Satan will be your teacher" is made to frighten Musl;im into relying on Ulamas for their religion.
Christian dogmas such as "If you try to understand the Trinity,you will lose you mind,if you reject Trinity you will lose your soul" came into being to strengthen the monopoly of God and religion into the Priest's hands.
These dogmas are nothing but lies to enslave the mind or box up the mind so that you cannot think outside of the box.
In a way these dogmas make its believers stupid.

God's Books like the Torah,Bible Old Testament and the Quran does not have an author. That is because God teaches us directly trough God's Books.
However the 2nd/other books authored by Rabbis,Priests and Ulamas change or amended God's words to make themselves into gods besides the true god.
When the 2nd/other books of Rabbis,Priests and Ulamas words are taken as truth besides the Books of god, the Rabbis,Priests,Ulamas thus become gods, besides the one and only God
Refer 1) Quran 9:31"They have taken as lords beside Allah their Priests(Rabbis/Monks/Ulamas) and their governors, and the Messiah son of Mary, when they were bidden to worship only One God. There is no god save Him. Be He glorified from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him)"!
         2) Bible, Isaiah43:10,11,12 "I am the only god. There is no god before me and no god after me.There is no Savior except me" 

 It was Joesoph Geobles the Propoganda Minister for Hitler who said "A falshood (or half truth) repeated many times, becomes a truth."
Teachers,Rabbis,Priests Monks and Kings and Politicians, have been using the Geobles Principle for a very long time.
Satan was actually the 1st one to do it.when he deceived Eve and Adam. As such it can also be called Satan's Principle.
(Refer Quran 31:33 "O mankind! Lo! the promise of Allah is true. So let not the life of the world deceive you, and let not the Chief  Deceiver deceive you with regard to Allah".)

So if one's thinking is still bounded within a box by dogmas,propogandas and falsehood propagated by Priests,Ulamas, Kings and Politicians isn't it time to cast off the chains of mental bondage via a Mental  Revo;ution.???

Without a Mental Revolution, there is no Political Revolution.


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