Monday, June 3, 2013

The Seeds Of A Revolution Planted By Najip/UMNO/BN

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That was what Newton said.
The Hindus said that too, and called it Karma.
Those who kill will end up killed.
Those who cheat will end up being cheated.
So what is there for the rakyat to be afraid. The laws of Cause and Effect,Karma, Newtons law, or Takdir Allah will come to pass.

By cheating in the PRU 13, Najip and UMNO/BN are closing the door of faith in democracy.
Najip and UMNO/BN is unaware that they have unintentionally planted the seeds of a revolution.
This verily is a political "harakiri" for UMNO/BN.

UMNO/BN credibility is down to zero since the last election.
The rakyat can see how they were cheated.
They were asked to play the game of democracy where the referee (SPR) is an UMNO man.
A promise to Berseh to use indelible ink was not only not kept, but they tried to fool the rakyat by using easily washable ink. In fact, none of Berseh's demands as per the list below were met.  
  1. Clean up of the electoral roll
  2. Reform of postal ballot
  3. Use of indelible ink
  4. Minimum 21 days of campaign period
  5. Free and fair access to mass media for all parties
  6. Strengthening of public institutions
  7. No corruption
  8. No dirty politics
So without meeting the demands of the Berseh/the Rakyat, democracy is dead.!!!
Why would the rakyat want to participle in elections when the referee(SPR) is an UMNO man and the winner is always the same party(UMNO/BN) for over 50 years now.???

This verily is the New Malay Dilema of United Malay national Organisation., but not the dilema of the Melayus.
 The Melayus Chinese, Indians etc are on "revolution mode" by curtsey of UMNO/BN and SPR.

Hidup Revolusi Melaysia.!!!


Anonymous said...

NO. NO. No. Physical fighting is not Malaysian culture.

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pak yeh said...

Which Malaysian culture do you mean.???
The IT illiterate Malaysians who do not read anything accept Utusan Meloya as truth.???
That is the dieing Malaysian culture lah.
Besides there are alternatives to violent physical fighting in Revolutions.
Jesus and Gandhi's revolution are 2 examples from history.Refer ..
Revolution by evolution is another..refer..

Unknown said...

i support pak yeh....

tebing tinggi said...

I read Utusan and I do read alternative media to see who who publish the truth .

Anonymous said...

right on pak yeh, 1'll support you all the way. there's nothing about democracy being practice here if the medias and all gov's machineries were used & controlled only by the BN.

after 60 over years we really need other to become the government. then the 'check & balance' will come to practice and the democracy will blossom..