Monday, August 26, 2013

The "Altantuya Sandiwara" At Lingam's Courts

The Lingam's Court  are at it again. Lots of sandiwara about a murder, catching the unidentifiable  Altantuya's murderers, and releasing them later, and ignoring the person who ordered and paid them to kill Altantuya.

Lingam and his master, a Keling, is more poisonous than the cobra of which the Malays have carved in stone, a proverb which reads "If you see a Keling and a snake,you are to whack the Keling first."
No other proverb in whatever language aptly describes so negatively the character of a race as this Malay proverb has, and with plenty of proofs to support it.

It is no supprise that the Appeals Court aquited the two murderers of Altantuya, although the High Cout pronounced the two to be guilty, The High Court concealed and protected the identity of the two murderers.This act of concealing the identity of the murderers, means that the murderers do not have to serve their sentence in jail because "No one was supposed to be caught for the murder of Altantuya". So based on that premise a sandiwara (play)was staged at the Lingam Courts.

We all know for a fact that Sirul and Azila were body guards of Najib and Rosmah. We also know that Sirul and Azila's boss was also working for Najib and Rosmah as their Aid de Camp. We have also heard of Raja Petra's story that Rosmah was at the site when Altantuya was bombed with C4.
Why was Altantuya bombed with C4 after she was shot dead.??? It was alledged that she was carrying some body's child, and that bombing her with C4 would destroy the baby's DNA. Who would want to do that.??? Who had the authority to smuggle out a controlled C4 bomb.??? All these facts were not brought up in the courts just so that they could cover up the real person who ordered Altantuya to be killed.

So. do we believe in the sandiwara at the Lingam's Courts or do we believe in the "truth" as revealed in the internet.???
Alas , we live in a world full of lies and deception.!!!

Who is Sirul and Azila ???
Why hide their identity forever.???

Who ordered Sirul and Azila to kill Altantuya.???
Who stole the C4 from Ministry of Defence under Najip.???
Why C4 a dead and pregnant Altantuya.???


akupun said...

i thought ah jib gor will leave this 2 idiot to rotten in prison..

Anonymous said...

Somebody somewhere must be waking up in the middle of the night uttering,
"Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand?
No; this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
Making the green one red."

pak yeh said...

If ah jib gore leave the two to rot in jail,they will speak up and tell who ordered and paid for the killing of Altantuya.
I am sure they will threaten to talk, unless ah jib gore release them from prison and keep giving them lots of money.

Unknown said...

great work pak yeh...

you just insulted the whole indian community as keling and low class...

apa beza kamu dengan UMNO n Perkasa ??

That proverb keling dan ular , pukul keling dulu so indulting... if other people insult malay like that, tak terasa ker ??

Hati2 menulis dan sila minta maaf....

pak yeh said...

Anonymous Tue Aug 27, 02:45:00 PM GMT+8

I and all Malays did no wrong by speaking the truth. Its the Kelings that did wrong upon themselves.

I met an Iranian girl who said "Dont try to Indian me when an Indian shamelessly tried to cheat her. A Tibetan has a saying. "Dont ask for directions from an Indian. They always give wrong directions."If i am not mistaken it was a film called "Tibetan World Cup" or something like that. As for Perkasa, I support fully their cause.
An idiot Indian Muslim named Tasleem
from the Indian Muslim NGO dared to say Malays are pendatangs too.
So if that is the case an Indian is a pendatang in India too, and a Chinese is a pendatang in China too.???
Indians and Chinese are pendatangs in every country except their own country.

Anonymous said...

With their faces covered, who can tell whether they were in jail or out of jail, enjoying the money the got from the guy who ordered the murder of Altantuya.
The whole world can tell that the guilty (Siru,Azila and the one who ordered the killing of Altantuya) is being protected by the court at the behest of the government.