Friday, August 23, 2013

UMNO's Christianity : Belakangmasok Shahrizat's 2nd Coming

Only in Malaysia the "Boleh Land", under the gomen of UMNO can a "belakang masuk"/"bottom entry" Minister do a 2nd Coming which Jesus himself cannot do for 2013 years. ( Note the Christian dogma of Jesus dieing for mankind's sins, resurected and coming again a 2nd time.)

Dr M and Najib has met up with the Pope in the Vatican for what.??? Is it for confession of sins or money laundering with the Vatican Bank.???
Any way the rich always go to meet the Pope or Catholic Priests for both reasons, ie the forgiving of sins by paying money to the Church, now the Vatican Bank even as deposits. This is hidden modern "money laundering" cum "indulgence" ( an act of giving or depositing  money to the Church/Vatican Bank in exchange for the forgiving of sins)..
Note: a 10 % deposit allows banks to create 90% more money for the bank. This act is "usury" which God and Jesus himself prohibited. But who cares about God and Jesus when the Pope and Priests are making tons of money via the usurious Vatican Bank eh.???.

So because this two have been meeting with Popes, it is not supprising that they introduce Christian dogmas in their governance.
The dogma we are talking about is  Jesus dieing for mankind's sins, being resurected and come again (2nd coming).

UMNO's Sharizat is the 1st unelected, belakang masuk/bottom entry Minister to die for UMNO's sins (NFC scandal) on the cross, resurrected and come back again as a "belakan masuk"/bottom entry Minister.
 How Shahrizat can pull this off, I wonder.??? And how Najip can pull this off too is a wonder.
It seems that Najib loves "belakng masuk"/"bottom entry" Ministers, expecially the "Pomble" (Indian women) type. He is a sucker for "Si hitam manis" "pombles".

Alaa ! We live in Boleh Land where UMNO boleh do anything including kill resurrect and come again the 2nd time.Scewing the rakyats money to install belakn masuk Ministers is a totally waste of public funds.
Alas Malaysia the Bolehland is a place for "belakang masuk"/"bottom entry" politicians and "belakang masuk:/"bottom entry" politics.

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lufang said...

DON'T FORGET that Zaharil also "belakang masuk" Malaysia are very common with belakang masuk.