Monday, September 23, 2013

Revolution Strategy pt 1 : Slogans as a Political Tool.

 Everybody talks and some sings about having a revolution. But are they aware of strategies to win the war.? To win any sort of  war, one must first win the "mental war" A revolution cannot even start if the "Mental Revolution" is not won yet.. Such words as manefesto and slogans are very effective tools in politics. But in Malaysia very little of it is used. That off course is because Malaysia banned most political books,especially those that tell you how to overthrow bad governments.!!!
But nowadays all these info can be retrieved by just Googling it on the internet. So there is no excuse for ignorance, unless you are the poor deprives of a computer.

I say this because I I had been to Pakatan Rakyat campaigns and demonstrations. There use of slogans is negligible. I remember "Reformasi" as one of the slogans. but reformasis is like "basi" the Malay word for food gone bad" that has expired its usefullness and its purpose blurred. What they came out to replace it was "Hidup Rakyat", a meaningless slogan used when you cannot think of a good slogan.
Therefore, I stress this point again "The use of slogans as an effective political tool has been forgotten and ignored by pakatan rakyat and the rakyat in general..

As per the Wikipedia, "A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase or war cry used in a political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose."
So if you want to win a war, be it physical or mental, you must have a war cry.

The fine art  on use of slogans has been very well devoloped by marketing professionals to market their products successfullly. It is wise to study their methods.

Historically the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution makes good use of slogans to motivate and inspire and creat a new culture. Please Google these items.

Examples of slogans to be used for campaigns and demonstrations are as follows
You can add to the list if you wish.

 1) UMNO enjoy debts, Rakyat suffer payments. [ UMNO sedap hutang , Rakyat sakit  bayar.] 
2) Reject Corrupt Government.                             [ Tolak Kerajaan Korupsi.]
3) Reject Deficit Government.                               [ Tolak Kerajaan Berhutang.]
4) Rejact BN Barang Naik Gvernment.                 [ Tolak Kerajaan BN Barang Naik.]
5) Reject Election Fraud Government                   [ Tolak Kerajaan T.U.(Tipu Undi) ]
6) Pakatan Rakyat for Welfare State.                      [ Pakatan Rakyat untok Welfare State.]
7) An Clean Govenment for Malaysians.                [ Kerajaan Berseh untok Malaysia }
8) An honest government for Malaysia.                  [Kerajaan amanah untok Malaysia.]
9) Malaysia a nation of debts.                                   [ Malaysia Negara Berhutang.]
10) Rakyat is Boss.                                                    [ KeTuanan Rakyat.].
11) People economics not crony economics.           [Ekonomi Rakyat bukan ekonomi kroni.]

Off course there is also the abuse of slogans  by hypocrites.
Examples of these are...
1) The slogan "Berseh, Cekap, Amanah" that Dr M "nato"(no action talk only) which later became "Kotor Lemah, Khianat". !!! Kah,kah,kah.
2) Pak Lah's slogan "Cermelang, Gemilang, Terbilang" which after sleeping too much, became Ce-Malang, Jembalang,Temberang." Kah,kah,kah.
3) The Christian slogan "If you you try to understand the Trinity,you lose your mind.if you reject Trinity, you lose your soul" when what the Priest mean is  "If you use your mind, you would not become a Christian". ... Kah,kah,kah.
4)) A Muslim slogan/hadis which says "If you use your mind to understand the Quran,you must be prepared to go to hell", when what they really mean is "follow the Ulamas like blind pigs (membabibuta)". Pity the poor blind pig Muslims They are distorted into 72 factions because of following Ulamas.
5) The Christian slogan "Jesus is love" when what they mean is sodomy of little boys, and gay... in exceptional cases off course. Kah,kah,kah.
6) The Malay slogan "Nasi sa cupak tak kan jadi sa gantang" when what they actually mean is that "they are too lazy to work hard" or "You must be born righ or born poor" which is a slogan to maintain the Feudal/Monarchy System. Oh my poor stupid feudalistic Malays.!
7) The PAS slogan "Pimpinan Ulama" is a Hindu Bramah type of slogan to keep the supremacy of priesthood /Ulama, or in Malay keTuanan Ulama.

Lot of fun can be got out of slogans. Try it.

Slogan of the day/issu.

"Mental Revolution Before Physical Revolution"
"Google To Know More"


Anonymous said...

How about "Ada cincin, rantai belum"?

pak yeh said...

Anonymous Tue Sep 24, 12:30:00 AM GMT+8

Ya ,itu slogan juga. Tapi rantai ada 2 maana, rantai emas dan satu rantai besi/slavery/hamba.