Monday, October 14, 2013

Christians Bible Mistranslation And Abuse Of The Word Allah.

Ahamdulillah.!!! The appeals cout finally delivered a fair and logic decision  on Christian mistranslation and abuse of the word Allah.!!!

As debated many times befor (refer links below )

the Christian use of Allah in the Arabic and Malay Bibles is a mistranslation with evil intentions.

The original Greek Gospels never used the word Allah.!!!

The original Hebrew Old Testament Bible too never used the word Allah.!!!

Thus, this proves that the Christians knowingly mistranslated their Gospel and Bible.!!!

Why do Christians do this.?? ? 

Because they are mischievious,wanting to corrupt the word Allah and the religion of Islam.!!!
Because they are working for the devil who is the Cheif Liar whose purpose is to falsify all truth such as..
1) to make Allah into a Trinity of gods, which is a falsehood. Note that Christians also lie against the Bible God Yaweh by saying Yaweh is a trnity when he is not (refer Isaiah 43:10,11,12 "I am the only god.There is no god before me and after me,And there is no savior except me").
2) to make Allah into a Greek God with a son(Jesus) and a wife(Mary). and the lie about Jesus being killed by Romans but given life again and is ever living.

Discover the truth through debates and the use of the intellect.!!!.

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Anonymous said...

Its all about mistranslation by Christians?

Christians should apologise to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Muslims in Malaysia brotherhood with Al-Qeada....

Anonymous said...

Muslim should appologise to Christian in sabah and sarawak coz Malaysia aggrement 1963 now has been violated...Time for Borneo to rise and nothing gonna be good together with this malay called Malayan

pak yeh said...

Anonymous Tue Oct 15, 04:12:00 PM GMT+8

1) AlQarda is an American Christian lie. Worl Trade Center was blown up from the bottom.Every internet savy person knows that. You a dumb idiot.

2) Al Daeda is just a lie for Americans to go to war with Afganistan.

3) Weapons of mass destruction is anoter American Christian lie to go to war with Iraq for its oil.

4) Christians are the most terrorist people of the world. Proof..1st and 2nd World War. Crusades, Spanish Inquisition.

5) Therefore Christians must be following the devil Lucifer/Satan. Not suprising, because they ccntradict their Bible Old Testament God with Greek Mythology gods.

Anonymous said...

Funny when you called Christian is more terrorist than Muslim while the Muslim praise Muhammad, a warlord himself.

bumi-non-malay said...

Get rid of Rukun Negara....Belief in God and Replace with ...Belief in God that is according to UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Approved method of worship and all the coruuption associated with Islam Cult Malaysia Official Religion.

Only Dunggus are confused ....just like If malays = Born islam....then your destiny is islam...right....Ok I will adopt your son/daughter and convert them to other religion....YOu should have no fear because YOUR Cult Ideology Have made sure Born also die Islam!!.... Sack Malaya....Brotherhood of islam Supporter and Never Support any Islamic Humanitarian Aid...they support Terrorist!!......Like UMNO-Sulu...Brotherhood of islam...Hezbollah...Hamas......Inashah Allah!!

Anonymous said...

Cakap tidak serupa bikin,,, melayu yang bertutur bahasa english,,, oh yaaa Pertuturan dan penulisan dalam english pun org yahudi ataupun penulisan org bukan islam kan,,, iaitu bahasa org kristian guna english,,,, sekarang kenapa tak guna bahasa melayu???? Ooo. Teknologi internet pun org yahudi punya,,, tak malu betul tuan punya blog ini,,,,

pak yeh said...

Anonymous Tue Oct 15, 04:57:00 PM GMT+8

Prophet Mohamad is not a war lord you idiot. He is a peaceful man.He only fight when others fight him.

Christians say "Love your enemy" but in practice are the most murderous/terrorist people on earth.Proof 1st,2nd World War,Iraq War,Afganistan war,syria war,Israel /Palestinian war,China war,Vietnam war,Korea war,India war,Japan war etc,etc,etc.
No religion is more murderous than the Christian religion. This proof that Chritianity is Satan's religion.LOL

Anonymous said...

The Malays in Malaysia are now true followers of Islam. All non- believers must follow us. If we say black is red, then black is red. If we say blue is green, then so be it! For that is what Allah thought us! That is our justice. ANd we must bring justice to all the people of the earth. Allah is Great. ALl who dont believe us will burn in hell.

Anonymous said... can you says Muhammad is a peaceful man where he command those who not in the same brother (belief) to be kill? Then the rewards you get after you kill the infidel is 7 virgin women ready to for u. Dude seriously. Not sure he is peace making guy but i know one thing, he is WARLORD and SEX MANIAC. For goodness sake, he have a lot of wife and the younger's is still 7 years old....Gosh..what a taste... Then teach his followers that you can have more then one wife. Is that a person that shows love when he can screw alot of women then can "TALAK" them freely?....what a sick man and again you still believe in him? if u read yur koran, u will find one verse saying, "Ya Allah. Berikanlah dia tempat yang tertinggi yang telah engkau janjikan (Nabi ISA).." So, if yur muhammad asking his people to pray for him so that he been given the highest place in heaven, his fate is in Nabi ISA hand then. That's why u keep saying Insyallah because you not sure. Same goes to muhammad because he also not sure he been received in heaven or not because his life is in Nabi ISA hands. I know the truth because im a muslim and graduate from Arab university. last time. Truth had set me free. Now Im free from the greatest lies in the universe. You not believe? Go and check yur koran. Then you know. Wassalamuailaikum....

pak yeh said...

Anonymous Wed Oct 16, 01:14:00 AM GMT+8

Again you are attacking Islam without facts and brains.
You have to update your facts on Islam.
Note the Hadis which says Mohamad married a child are by Jewish/Christian propogandist named Bukhari and Muslim, the authors of the Hadis Books.They included saying of monkeys in their books too.
The Quran never say Muslims can marry children and never say jihadist are rewarded with 70 virgins.
The Quran sayas 1) fight only those who fight you (otherwise you would be dead), and 2)make peace if they make peace with you.
Now, you understand Islam.???

Christian concept of God is very illogical, you know.?

1)GOD CAN COME OUT OF THE VIRGINA of a woman named Mary.???

Ha,ha,ha, again.

3)You drink the blood of Jesus like Dracula. Ha,ha,ha again.

4) You eat the flesh of jesus like canibals do.!!!
Ha,ha,ha, again.

Christians better not criticize other religions.
Criticize your own religion that is full of nonsenxe.!!!
Ha,ha,ha,ha. Very funny lah.
You can explai why Christianity has sooo much nonsense.???

pak yeh said...

Dear bumi-non-malay

UMNO is not Islam.They are more British and Christians.
They are not even Melayu.Note their English and Christian name. Ha,ha,ha.

UMNO was created by British Civil Servants to fake a Merdeka. They are still colonizing Malaysia by proxy.
Corruption and Privatization was learned from Christian Magerette Thacher.

bumi-non-malay said...

Dear pak yeh

So go UN-learn the corruption, racism, from the christian....Learn to Love.....ha ha ha... too hard basket it seems......after 1400 years....old habits die hard!

Every Atrocities War today involve islam of some sorts.... Time for muslim to determine the Cults and the Real more hiding under the cover of point looking at the past .... unless its a melayu-born islam ideological cult religion and belief systems.

I am no romantics to islam idiosyncrasies....or islam atrocities like the Sabah Sama suka sama muslim Islam child rapist "force" to marry the child...... At the end of the day....there is nothing great too about lets put aside the Absurdities, sham and apply some basic logic!!

pak yeh said...

Dear bumi non bumi,
I agree with what you say.
Too many commercialized Priests and Ulamas are churned out and any hypocrite can buy a degree on whatever religion.
That is the problem with all religions including Islam. ARevolution is needed to clean up all religions.
So here I am trying to revolution Christianity and Islam Ha,ha,ha.
all I did was to challenge their corrupted beliefs, and they all break up.!!!

But the true teaching of "Loving Jesus" and "Mohamad, the non usury economist and Statesman" are still untouched due to kafir/disbeliever education. All you need is... to be "God revealed Books" connected and not "Priest/Ulama books connected".
People just dont use their brains anymore these days.

Anonymous said...

99% of all Christians do not use Allah as their god. Only 1% of sesat/misguided Christians in Muslim countries use Allah....with evil intentions to...
1) make Allah a trinity,when he is not.
2) make Allah have a son, when he does not.
3) make Allah have a wife, when he does not.
4) make Allah have a mother when he does not
5) make Allah into a Holy Ghost(same species as Pontianak), when he is not.
6) make Allah die on the cross killed by Romans, when Allah cannot be killed(immortal).
7) make Allah into a Greek mythology of gods.
8) infer that Muslims worship the wrong Allah.
9) blaspheme and lie about Allah.

What evil and mischievious Christians.!!!
The poor Muslims did nothing to them,yet Christians blaspheme their Allah.
Why dont Christians use Yaweh the real name of their god as per the original Bible in Greek and Latin.???

Christians have only themselves to blame if war break up between Muslims and Christians.

Chris D. said...

And vice versa. Hateful members of both religions love to mistranslate and take out of context one another's verses. I witness it all the time on both sides. Jesus was never the son of god, Allah only let's you into heaven if you do more good than bad, song of Solomon condones incest, Allah allows homosexuality.... The list of lies perpetrated on both sides is longer than the bill for Obamacare... Can't we all just tolerate and love? Jesus said if people won't listen, turn the other cheek and leave them be. Apologize to Muslims? Sure. Sorry guys, from the bottom of my heart for believing a lot of untrue dogma in my day. I also forgive any Muslims for knowingly lying about what I believe. Anyone who is guilty of that ought to forgive us as well even if only to remove the stain of one of your sins. If your way is the truth I'd prefer you reach the highest of the 500 heavens you for martyring of course. :)