Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christian Songs and Christian friends.

 My most favorite, most inspiring and most tearful Christian song is "Oh my little lambs"..
This song is dedicated to all my Christian friends from the Unification Church community namely Chantel Pajani and Antonete (Cookie) Aculleta, and also to Mark Newman of the Baptist Church. I pray that Allah will guide you to the truth. Where ever you are. how I wish we could meet again and talk about god.



Anonymous said...

Specially for you.

pak yeh said...

Thanks Anonymous;
He failed to explain proof of the dogmas such as
1) Jesus is god.#it contradicts god in Isaiah 43:10,11,12
2)Jesus is son of god.# the "begotten son of god" is a mistranslation according to New King James Version Bible.
3)Mary id Mother of god.#Mother of god is greater than god.?
4)Jesus died and resurrected for our sins.# Jesus never said that.The priest said that.
5)Trinity # contradicted by god in Isaiah 43:19,11,12.

So, Christian dogmas are lies repeated many times to make it a truth...Joesoph Geobbels principle.