Saturday, November 16, 2013

Additios, Subtractions and the Sum of the Bible Written in Blood.

Many Unitarian Christian Bibles were burned and its followers killed by the Trinitarian Christians such as Paul of Tarsus and supported by the 1st Trinitarian and Mythological god created by the Roman Emperor, Constantine.
This is to ensure the Roman government's version of Christianity is adopted and monopolised.
This the the 2nd time that a monopoly of god is created. The 1st monopoly of god being the Judaism of the Jews.

It is about time that Christians reevaluate and distinguish which Bible teachings is the real teachings of Jesus, now that new archeological evidence proves that Christianity was politicised and that rival Bibles and followerts were persecuted.

As for me, I believe that Jesus is a gnostic teacher, and as such the Aramaic Gnostic Bibles are closer to the real teachings of Jesus.
The Trnity Christian teaching are obviously tanted with Roman and Greek mythology of the Romas that were in power then.

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