Sunday, December 1, 2013

Only Idiots Take Anwar Ibrahim as Economic Advisor.

News has it that Anwar Ibrahim was employed as Economic Advisor to the Selangor government. He gets paid Rm 15 million or RM150,000 per month or per year,I am not too sure.Read more @
But whatever it is I laught in the face of all Pakatan Rakyat Selangor members.!!!
Only idiots would put idiots as their Economic Advisors.
Only idiots cannot understand Anwars stupidity as The Fanance Minister of Malaysia in the 1998 Ringgit Crash of !998.!!! Read more @

And Pakatan Rakyat Selangor wakil rakyats are the greatest of idiots for employing Anwar as their Economic Advisor.!!!

The Westtern Colonisers have been recruiting Anwar as their "Economic Hitman" because Anwar know nuts about economics, and as such depend totally on the advise of Jewish / Coloniallist Banking Economist such as Anwar's Jewish friends Sorros an Wolfovitz!!!
That veryly is how the Americans colonize our and all third world nations."To begger the 3rd (by money devaluation)world is the ultimate for neo colonization".!!!
The Anwar's Islamic Banking which still uses usury in its paper money and transactions is nothind but a fraudulent Jeosph Geobbel's Principle (a falsehood repeated many times becomes a truth) and Kufurism(a art of making falsehood a truth ).

The Truth is freedom from stupidity.!!!


Anonymous said...

...and only idiots that put malaysia rm600b in debts

pak yeh said...

You are spot on Anonymous.
We have idiots as our leaders.
Those who voted for them too are idiots.
So democracy is the majority of idiots governing over idiots for idiots.
We are far from British MPs who resign when implicated by sex or corruption scandals.
Najib sex and corruption scandals are well known, but rakyat not demonstrating.
Anwar financial mismanagement as the Finance Minister is all too avident but rakyat is too idiotic and forgiving to understand it.
Anwar and Azmin'ssex scandal is evident, but rakyat seems to forgive them.
Sooo 99% of Malaysian are idiots is a very good estimate.!!!
No wonder Malaysia is sooo backward.!!!

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh also Malaysian? or Foreigner?

pak yeh said...

Anonymous Mon Dec 02, 12:48:00 PM GMT+8

I am a Malayu / native Malaysian.

Hariharimau said...

pakyeh tulis;
Anwar and Azmin'ssex scandal is evident, but rakyat seems to forgive them.

Gejala sosial banyak berlaku dikalangan rakyat kerana mereka meniru ahli2 politik & ahli2 bangsawan mereka, yg beromen-romen tapi terlepas... apa punya tuur laa double standard orang2 agama nih... kah,kah,kah...

Ini menunjukkan kalau hukum hudud versi lahwal hadis dijalankan di Malaysia gerenti yg kena ialah rakyat marhaen, tapi ahli2 politik yg kaya2, yg mampu upah peguam syarie akan senang terlepas... apa punya tuur daa... kah,kah,kah...

pak yeh said...

Ya betul,Enchik Hariharimau,
Ulama/Moopti tidur daa.!
Apasal tak tangkap Anwar dan Azmin atas bukti video sex mereka.???