Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Muslim Dilema pt1 : Leadership.

The Problem:

Too many leaders from too many mazhabs. All created by Hadis, Ulama's books and institutions (Universities and Ulamas)
The hadis devides Muslim, because each mazhab has his own hadis books and Imams/Leaders.

The Solution : Go back to "Quran only" Islam.

Quran proofs :
1) Quran 31:6"Some people use lahwal(fake) hadis to mislead others from Allah's path (Islam), without knowledge, and make a mockery of it(Allah's path/Islam)".
2) Quran 39:23" Allah hath revealed the "ahsanal hadis" a Scripture (Quran) consistent, paired, whereat doth creep the flesh of those who fear their Lord, so that their flesh and their hearts soften to Allah's reminder. Such is Allah's guidance, wherewith He guideth whom He will. And him whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide.
3) Quran 45:6 "These are Allah’s verses (Quran) that We recite to you rightly. Then, in which Hadis after Allah and His verses,(Quran) will they believe?"

The falsehood of Hadis:
!) The Israk Miraj hadis says Allah flip flop while planning the solat from 50 t0 5 times a day.We dont need this hadis taht makes allah look stupid, because Quran is precise in the no. of solats per day.
2) There are monkey hadis in the Bukhari Muslim hadis books where monkeys stone the adulter monkey. How did they understand monkey language./from Tarzan of the apes.?


Hariharimau said...

Kah,kah,kah... i have nothing to say, i rest my case my lord... kah,kah,kah...

mecha_praline said...

1. quran
2. hadith

if we found hadith contradicting with hadiths or quran, back to quran. simple

Anonymous said...

Elok juga pakyeh pegi blog farouk a. peru lihat disini(klik)