Monday, January 23, 2017

Christianity Debunked 3 times in seconds.

1)Jesus' teachings is in Aramaic and all translations is from the Aramaic Gospels.
But Christians do not have the Aramaic Gospels, therefore Christianity, it is a Greek word describing a Greek "son of god" mythology / religion.
Therefore the Gospels you have CANNOT BE PROVEN TO BE JESUS' teachings.!!!
Therefore, Christianity as Jesus teachings has been DEBUNKED.!!!

2) The Gospels were written by NON WITNESSES Greek Apostles.
Statements by NON WITNESSES IS NOT ACCEPPTED AS TRUTH IN ANY COURT OF LAW.!!! Therefore the Gospels in Greek are hearsay non witness accounts by non witness that cannot be accepted as Truth.!!!
 Therefore Christianity is DEBUNKED the 2nd time.!!!
Checkmate again.!!!

 3) The Bible Old Testament God Yaweh said...Isaiah43:10,11,12"I am the ONLY GOD. There is no god before and after me. I am the ONLY SAVIOR.
But Apostles who wrote the Gospels say there is 2 more gods after Yaweh and there is another Savior besides Yaweh the Old Testament Bible God.
So, Who is telling the LIE.??? Yaweh or the Aposteles via there Gospels told the a lie.???.
Therefore, Christianity is DEBUNKED again for the 3rd time.!!!
Checkmate again.!!!


Anonymous said...

Never be cynical about religion and love. It is based on human emotions.

pak yeh said...

Dear Anonymous Mon Jan 23, 05:29:00 PM GMT+8

All religions has always been corrupted by by the Devil Priests, Rabbais Monks and Ulamas. Only the wise can differentiate between the false religion of Priests and the true religion of god.
Karl Marx was correct when he said "Religionis the opium of the people". He was referring to the false religions especially the Christian religion and not the true religions.
As for love, everybody believes in it but most do not practice it. Jesus called non Jews dogs. There was no love for non Jews. Ypu can find that story in your Gospels. God forgiving the sins of others by sacrificing his own son is sooo "not Love" and madness.
Why dont you search for the Aramaic Gospel that can prove that all the Gospel translation is incorrect and corrupted.??? Your Christian Priests /popes purposely throw away the Aramaic Gospel so that they would not be caught lying.