Thursday, February 23, 2017

Examining the Proof of 5 Solats in the Quran

1)The prescribed times of solat is Q11:114"Establish salata at the ends of the day and at the early night." This means that we solat at sunrise, sunset , and early night ie 3 times a day.

2)The Hadith Muslims say Q17:78 prescribes the Zuhur solat. Lets exanine it.
Q17:78"Establish "salata" at /from the decline of the sun (from its meridian), UNTILL the dark night."
2.1) This verse is not a "time of solat" verse but a "duration of the sunset solat"  because of the word UNTILL and the word "declining of the sun"
2.2)The word "declining of the sun" means sunset.
It can only mean Zuhur or Mid Day if you added to it in brackets (from its meridian). But the words"(from its meridian)" is not Allah's words. Therefore it should never be included to change the meaning of Allah's verse to include Zuhur as a solat. Addaing to the word of Allah is kufur (falsehood).
2.3) The word "salata" means "one /singular solat", and one solat before the dark night is the sunset solat or Magrib that is suitable for the word "declining of the sun". It Zuhur, Asar and Magrib is included in the verse then Allah would have said "salawata" the plural of solat.Therefore there is no Zuhur solat in this verse.

3)The Hadith Muslims say Asar solat is the "middle solat" in Q2:238"Attend constantly to the prayers and to the middle prayer and stand up truely obedient to Allah."
But Asar as a "middle" solat can only be proven if Zuhur solat was proven to exist in the Quran otherwise the sunset solat or Magrib solat is the "middle" or "Wusta" solat.
Therefore there is no Asar solat in this verse of the Quran.

4)The hadith Muslims say that Q30:17-18 "Therefore glory be to Allah when you anter the times of the evening and when you enter into the times of the morning. And to him belongs praise in the heavens and the earth, and at nightfall and at mid-day." implys Fajar,Magrib,Zuhur and Asar.
But there is no word "salata" in the verse to proof that what allah implys is the solat. The words used is "subhana" and "hamdu" which is a tasbih or praising of Allah with the words "subhanallah' and "Alhamdullillah". Thus verse does not prescribe the solat.
Therefore there is no Zuhur and Asar solat in this verse.

5)The hadith Muslims say that Q50:39-40 "So be patient over what we say and exalt Allah with praise of your Lord before the rising sun and before its setting. And in part of the night, exalt him and after prostration.", implies the solat of Fajar,Zuhur,Asar Magrib and Isha.
Again this verse does not have the word "salata". The word used is "sabbih" and "hamdi" which is the tasbih or zikir by saying "Subhannallah" and "Alhamdullillah. Thus verse does not prescribe the solat as there is no word "salata" in it.
Therefore there is no Zuhur anbd Asar solat.

Therefore. there is no 5 solats in the Quran. There are only 3 solat a day in the Quran and only in one verse Q11:114 that prescribes solat times explisitly without any doubt and without any interpretation or interpolation using non Allah or Ulama's words in brackets.

Wa billahi taufic. Wa salamulaikum waramatullahi wabarakatu. May Allah invite us to His true Quran only Islam without any corruption from any other source.


Ibn Kassim said...

DULUK ASYSYAMS Terdapat kekeliruan pentafsir dalam pemahaman perkataan duluk asysyams dalam ayat berikut:
17:78. Lakukanlah solat dari terbenam matahari (duluk asysyams) hingga kegelapan malam, dan bacaan (qur'an) fajar;sesungguhnya bacaan fajar disaksikan.

Ramai pentafsir tersilap menerjemahkan frasa duluk asysyams sebagai matahari tergelincir/matahari condong yang mereka gunakan sebagai waktu untuk solat asar. Erti sebenarnya ialah matahari bersentuh/bergeser/rubbing (dengan horizon).

Da la ka (duluk) = to rub, stroke, knead, touch / bergeser, bersentuh, ..

Duluk asysyamsy ialah apabila matahari mulai kelihatan mencecah/bergeser/menyentuh horizon, sehingga ia hilang dari pandangan dan bukan waktu zohor apabila matahari mulai condong. Waktu zohor matahari tidak kelihatan bergeser dengan sesuatu di atas langit.

Lail ialah apabila sudah tiada terang/cahaya, sudah gelap, yang disebut malam.
Maka erti ayat 17:78 Lakukanlah solat dari matahari mulai bergeser/mencecah/menyentuh horizon, hingga kegelapan malam.... Maka itulah masa untuk solat wusto.

pak yeh said...

Benar. Q17:78 adalah JANGKAMAS solat senja atau solat magrib yang Allah beri nama solat wusta ia itu solat tengah ia it wusta maananya tengah di apit solat fajar dan solat Isha.

Q2:238 said...

Assalamualaikum. How many solat do you understand in the ayah Q2:238. Translate it using the Arabic language. Not self-assumption. Because quran is using the Arabic language.

pak yeh said...

Boleh refer link ini Arabnya dan English translation unto Q2:238.. Tidak ada bukti solat Zuhur dan Asar.Solat wista = solat tengah bila ada 3 solat. Sokat Magrib adalah solat tengah di apit solat Fajar dan solat Isha.Hanya 3 nama solat di sebut dalam Quran ia itu solat fajar ,solat Wusta dan solat Isha.

Anonymous said...

Salam pak yeh. If you said there is no ayah mentions about zuhur and asar prayer, which ayah mentions the subuh prayer and maghrib prayer. The ayah you quoted is refering to fajar and wusta prayer.
If you claim the fajr prayer means subuh prayer and wusta prayer is maghrib prayer, how and why?

pak yeh said...

Names of solat :
1) solatal Fajar Q24:58.
2) solatal Isha Q24:58.
Solatal Wusta (Middle) Q2:238.

Times of solat.
Q11:114 "Establish salata at the ends of the day (sunrise or Fajar and sunsetor Wusta), and at the early night (Isha)."

Q2:238 said...

Salam Pak yeh,
'Solatal Wusta (Middle) Q2:238'
what is the solata wusta in this ayah. is it in the middle of 3 prayers or 5 prayers?

pak yeh said...

Wusta = Middle is when the is 3. It cannot be 5 bcos then there would be 3 middle solats. Besides there is no 5 tomes solat in the Quran. There is only 3 times solat as per Q11:114.

madspence said...

Assalamualaikum. Your blog is interesting Pak Yeh.

Every follower of the religions, are truly convice that they are right. Never stop looking for the truth as most of the existing religions are just mean to control. Islam that most people know now may not exactly what is delivered by all the prophets of Allah as the corrupted politicians ever since after Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) death using it as one of the tools of control.

May God bless us and guide us to the right path. One thing that very clear is Qur'an as the words of God. It's a guide to a perfecly straight way and God promised to protect the content till the end of the time which is forover. God bless. Never ever stop seek guide from Allah S.W.T.