Sunday, February 5, 2017

Islamic Debt Free Housing. Vs Interest (Riba) Debt Housing.

Debt Free housing is a loan free and interest free alternative way of housing system practiced in the past. The problem of workers is solved by "Gotong Royong" a word meaning "co-operation". Because it is loan and interest (riba) free it is considered as an Islamic housing system because Islam and the jewish and Christian religion too prohibits interes or (riba) on loans. Heavy Debt Housing system is based on heavy interest om loan (riba) from Banks and is a means for land owners, contractors and their worker to profit from your housing capital. With no interest (riba) loans to service monthly you can afford to buy a big land and soon many tiny houses that make a big house without any loan and interest. This system is not just thinking outside the box but practicing the way our forefather make their own house in an Islamaic interest (riba) free way.



Anonymous said...

Nabi dulu sembahyang isyak pukul berapa pakwarong?
Saidina abu bakar sembahyang zuhur lak kul berapa?
Slowly google.take ur time

Yg benar
rabbi elohim

pak yeh said...

Soalan kamu tergelincir ka laut (out of topic).