Friday, June 23, 2017

The hadith missleads and make a mockery of Islam. Q31:6.

Clearly Allah is anti Hadith. My proof is Q31:6"Some people use lahwal HADITH to MISS LEAD others from Allah's path, without knowledge, and make a mockery of it (Allah's path / Islam). For them there would be a PAINFUL DOOM"

Ibni Kathir's tafsir does exacly what Allah says.He MISS LEADS Muslims with the hadith that say  LAHWAL HADITH is music and song girls. Logically it makes no sence at all. Are you going to make haram misic and song girls.??? That is what some Ulamas had done.Idni Kathir's motif is to contradict Allah on Q31;6, so that Muslims can be missled and Islam made a mockery by using the hadith.
Please note that the hadith are Gossip and hearsay words of people who lived 200 years after the prophet diaed. Being NON EYE WITNESS their statement or hadith ar just gossip and hearsay that no cout of law of intelligent and logical men will accept as truth. What hadith narators do not witness, they do not know and should not talk about it.

The prophet Mohamad and the Califahs banned the hadith bcos many hadith missquate prophet mohamad even when he was alive. Read more on it here.

There are plenty of proof of LAHWAL HADITH meaning FAKE HADITH miss leading and making a mockery of Islam. Examples of these are...
1) The Israk Mikraj hadith which pictures Allah as a blundering foolwho planned 50 solats a day and later flip floped many times to bring it down to 5 solats a day. The Greek mythology hadith of prophet Mohamad riding one of Hercules flying donkey to fly to the 7th Heave to met Allah to bring down the solat number. Allah did not live at the 7th heavens. Zeus the Grek God and Hercules Father did live at the 7th heaven. Truely this hadith is a Greek mythology.
2) The pedophile prophet who married Aishah was not prophet Mohamad. Prophet Mohamad follows the Quran which says "Marry your daughters when they are MATURED".
3)The Camel urine dringking prophet described in the hadith also is not prophet Mohamad. The hadith are created by people who love dringking Camel urine.
4) There are many more hadith that miss leads and make a mockery of Islam.

The video below shows Christians making a MOCKERY of  prophet Mohamad, Allah and Islam.

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