Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christian abuse of Allah and other names of God

The issue is not the use of the word Allah but the abuse of the meaning behind the word Allah.

Abuse by Christians of the word Allah is
1)saying Allah is three God in one.
2)aying that Jesus is the son of Allah and a God equal to Allah..
3)sayi that the Holy Spirit is Allah.
4)saying that Mary mother of Jesus and wife of Allah,by inference.

Christians have a history of treating their Bible God Yarweh like disposable daipers.They changed Yarweh toJehovah,the to hevenly Father.Christ and now to Allah and next to Krishna and Sky Daddy.The Bible have had 20 major changers so far. Yarweh was a Bible One God (ref Isaiah chapter 43 verse 10 to 12) that they blasphemed to become a three God. They are doing the same to Allah, inspite of Allah tellin (via the Quran) the Christian not to say God is three, and Jesus is not a son of God.

Other abuse of Gods name is the use of Lord for Judges and aristocrats. andthe use of Father for their priests

Authoures and trans;latero all have athics and rules, and they do not translate nor change names. Christian authors and translators therefdr have no ethics.

Chruistian therefore are blasphemers of God.
They have corrupted the One God of the Bible(Yarweh),and the One God of the Quran(Allah).

So if the Christians dont work for God, who do they work for ???
Your guess is as good as mine.


Liberal said...

Perhaps you'd be enlightened by her apt understanding.

And as brothers in Islam, our religion does not ask us to preach hate against any other race, religion etc. Remember that. Do not be hell bent on condemning all christians. We should all live and coexist in peace. Despite our differences in faith, there is no need to have this religious supremacy attitude over others. We all head towards one journity, one eternity, ALLAH.

Please do think about it.

pak yeh said...

MM like her father is not speaking the truth.
I am speaking the truth.
Paper moiney isa lie.We live with Satans lies. A lie repeated often becomes truth/

Dont misunderstand. The issue is abuse of the woed Allah.

tok janggut said...


Pak Yeh jom kita ke Kita sembang di sana pasal Islam. Best di sana pak yeh.

Anonymous said...