Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sufi Sheikhs Fatwa on Christians using Allah

The Supreme Name and the Dogs of Kufr and Shirk

> The dogs are barking in Malaysia.
> Firstly, the Kafirun. The spokesman for the Roman Catholics in
> Malaysia was, as to be expected, both rather stupid and rather
> cunning. Let us remind this hypocrite, ignorant as he is of his own
> religion: the language of the Catholic Church was from its inception
> under the Roman Empire, Latin. The mass is still celebrated by the
> little ex-Nazi Pope in Rome using Latin. However under the practice of
> the reformers Latin is now denied to the main body of world Catholics.
> So they, poor creatures, have lost their sacred language. Desperate,
> and speechless, they have turned to us. However, the Name, the Supreme
> Name is not just another name or even a noun. It is the indicator of
> the Compassionate, the All-Merciful as revealed in His Pure Book, the
> Qur’an.
> When France effectively ruled Lebanon after World War One, the French
> Jesuits took on the task of eliminating Islam and indoctrinating the
> ‘natives’ to Catholicism.
> They instructed their missionary organisation of the Vatican to
> publish, nota bene, Catholic literature IN ARABIC to replace the noun
> ‘god’ with the Name of Allah. This was the foundation of Lebanese
> missionary activity in Lebanon which called many ignorant and innocent
> Lebanese onto a path which today has led to quotidian bloodshed. In
> Arabic there is a word, a noun, for god. They deliberately did not use
> it. The price for their hypocrisy has been high and is still being
> paid in civil war and duplicitous treaties that fail and fail.
> The Catholics of Malaysia may call on Allah. If they have any
> education they will want to read His Book.
> The Supreme Name does not belong to them or us.
> It remains our duty as Muslims to warn Catholic mothers on no account
> to send their boys to any Catholic school unless they want them to be
> sodomised and tortured like the Catholic children of Ireland, nor to
> enter the priesthood and set them on the same unnatural path.

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