Friday, February 5, 2010

The Christians Deadliest Sin

Deadlier than the 7 deadly sins(Pride,Anger,Lust,Glutony,Jealousy,Sloth) of Chriistians is the sin of lying.
For it was Satan who told the fist lie and convinced Eve and Adam to eat the fruit,defying Gods command,and causing their expulsion from heaven.

Similarly, following Satans footsteps, Chrustians tell lies when they say God is three,ascribing Jesus and the Holy Spirit as partners to God, even when God had warned agaist doing so.
Proff of the lie is in their Bible.
1)Isaiah chapter 43 verse 10 says "....there is no God before me and the is none after me."
2)Isaiah chapter 43 verse 11 says "I even I am the only God, and there is no savior besides me."

Hence because of the Christian dounfall similar to Adams downfall God/Allah had to send another prophet in the person of Mohammad.
So Christians ! Have fun discovering the truth, by reading the word of God/Allah, since you have decided to call your God Allah.
Your nonsene mythology of Jesus is contradicting Gods words derived from the Quran as well as from the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pak,
Sorry I have not been visiting your site for some time. I see you are still fighting for justice and fairness for all Malaysians and on the religious front, you are still fervently seeking the truth about God especially on the issue of Allah.
I understand that you find the father-son relationship between Allah and Isa very confusing but the son-ship is not a physical one just like "son of the soil" (bumiputra). Perhaps you should read the explanation given at this site to get a better understanding.

The Trinity concept is also not easy to explain but if you seek hard enough, the truth will surely be revealed. This site may be of help . Further, as mentioned in the Quran and the hadith, Isa has been described as the Word and Spirit of Allah. Would this not get you thinking? What if Allah has sent His Word to us through Isa and later His Spirit to dwell in those who believe, how wonderful it would be?

It is good that you continue questioning and searching for the truth. Christianity preaches the message of salvation by God’s grace through Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on the cross. Instead of having to sacrifice animals to atone for our sins as in the Korban, God has sent Jesus to die for our sins once and for all. And knowing that we are weak spiritually, He sent the Holy Spirit to help and comfort us.
There is never force involved. You have to believe for the salvation and Holy Spirit to work in you. If you hunger for God and seek Him, He will reveal Himself to you one way or another. Believe that our God/Allah works in mysterious ways and do not be surprised that He allows this controversy to occur to awaken the spirit of those He chooses.
May Allah’s blessing be upon us all. God bless.

pak yeh said...

Thanks Adam.
Its nice of you to respond.
Ill surf the sutes Inshallah.
However,you cannot expect me to belief"the story/mythology of Jesus being punished for mankinds sin".
Its a myth that was never supported by the Bible itself.
God has made it clear that there is no God before and after Himself, and that there is no other salvation besides God Himself.(refer Isiah 43 verse 10, 11)
This verse contradicts the story/mythology.
If you belief the story/myth, you therefore are rejecting the Bible.

Religion aside, Ihope you will help and support need for a change in the Malaysian Government.

May God guide you to the "Truth", whuch is one of the names of Allah.