Monday, August 15, 2011

DUMC Raid And The Blaspheming of Allah and Yahweh

I have said many times that the issue of Christians using Allah is one of deception.Refer my articles.....

Christianity is based on a falsehood that the One God is a Trinity and has a son. This is because the word of God is as per Isaiah 45 verse 10,11,12, states "I am the only god. There is none before Me and none after Me.And there is no Savior accept Me".
This very words of God is contradicted by the Padres' misleading interpretations of the Gospels.
Are Christians therefore not guilty of contradicting their own God's named (Yahweh) as per their Bible Old Testament.???
So here, (the fact that they contradicted Isiah 45,verse 10,11,12), is the proof that the Christians had blasphemed their own God Yahweh.!!!
And now Christians want to do the same with the Muslim's God Allah.!!!
 This Christian actions are nothing but mischief making upon Allah and Yahweh,inspired by Satan.!!!

Christians should answer the following question to understand truth.
1) Is changing the name of their God permissible without their God(Yahweh's) permission,translation ethics.???
2) Is changing the name of their God an honest thing to do in translation.???
3) What are their motives in changing the name of their God.???

The truth is that the Christian mission is to "trinitize" Yahweh, the Jesuit;s God, to "trinitize" Allah,the Muslim God, and to later "trinitize" Kadawalek, the Hindu God and later on to "rinitize" the Chinese God, Tua Pek Kong.!!!
To "trinitize" other religion's God is also their priority.!!!
To tell a lie about Yahweh, Allah and other Gods  is the Christians mission.!!!
This is where the line of peace between religions are being attacked and broken.!!!
This action by Christians to "trinitize" other peoples God besides their own thus becomes an intrusion into other peoples religion, in particular Islam, when they "trinitized" Allah and gave Him son.!!!
Christian are guilty of blaspheming Allah every time the mention that Allah is a trinty and has a son.!!!.
Thus the Christian had brought upon themselves the curse of Christian bashing and anarchy upon themselves.!!! Thus the bombing of Churches.!!!
I do not agree with the bombings, but it is necessary for Christians to understand the rootcause of the Church bombings.
Similiarly the rootcause of bombings on Isreal is because of their own action in occupiying the Palestinian lands. The root cause of American bombing is because Muslim countries were being bombed and occupied by Americans.

As such, I support whatever JAIS is doing in the DUMC raid.
 It certainly is better than bombing them.
However I would like to recommend a few actions.
1) Defensive mode.
1.1) JAIS and the Government of Malaysia should sue these blaspheming Christians to the courts (Shariah and Civil).
1.2) The Government of Malaysia should implement the ban on all Bible mistranslations using/abusing the word Allah.
1.3) Ban all Bible that mistranslate Yahweh to Allah. Najib and UMNO should not flip flop with the ban. It just makes them look like fools and munafiqs.
1.4) The Government of Malaysia should brodcast through TV networks and newspaper their stand and the reasons for their stand. You can quote Pak Yeh if you like.
1.5) Muslims who had been brainwashed into Christian falsehood should be rehabilitated.

2) Attack mode.
2.1) The Government of Malaysia has a duty to tell the truth via the telivision networks the truth about the Christian deception of "trinitizing" Allah and their own Jesuit God Yahweh.
2.2) Focus debates and forum on blaspheming of Allah and Yahweh by "trinitizing" them, between Muslim and Christians should be encouraged via TV networks,
2.3 Let the whole world know the logic ant truth of our actions so that the Arabs and Indonesians can follow suit, by reversing their permission to allow Christians to abuse and blaspheme the word Allah

1)The Christian religion is based on alleged sayings of Jesus by authors of Gospels who lived several hundred years after Jesus died, and as such is defined as hearsay Gospels.
It can similarly be said that the Hadis of Bukhari/Muslim is also alleged/hearsay sayings of the prophet Muhammad..As such the truth in both the Gospels and the Hadis is hearsay in nature and cannot be used in any court of law as truth unless Jesus and Muhammad had authorized them in their lifetime.
Hence the second book is used to amend the first book. This sort of arrangement is evident in the Jewish religion,,where the Thalmud amended and contradicted the Torah,.in the Christian religion,where the Gospel amended and contradicted the Bible Old Testament, and in Islam where the Hadis amended and contradicted the Quran.
Hopefully Allah will guide all Jews, Christians and Muslims  and others to the truth.!!! Amen.!!!


Kah-kah-kah-kah said...

Cuba pakyeh klik kah-kah-kah-kah diatas ini, ada cerita pasal gereja...

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh,
How are they - Jews, Christians and Muslims and others meet the same GOD which you hope for when you're filed with fury and misconceptions against the Christians, the others' beliefs ?

Sometime back a law graduate admirer from uitm challenged me on the issue of Trinity God. Being too young, i wasn't too confident to enlighten. With intense good reading abroad and later, here, so here it goes, Trinity God is God Almighty, Christ the Son, is conceived in a holy womb of Mary, by the power of God, ( if some could believe ultraman had power, why not the Almighty ? ) and as God Almighty is Holy and dwells in Heaven, so only God Almighty's Spirit can be upon men and women who believe.

Now scientifically, (1)the sun as the source, 2) it radiates light, 3) and heat simultaneously.

In God Almighty's case, it takes the simple faith the size of a mustard seed to believe or it goes the opposite tangent as with the ardent admirer, sadly ... yet so gladly.

So the question to you is where is the middle ground where your hope that Jews, Christians and Muslims and others can meet ? Now so divided, on what ground, on what order ?

pak yeh said...

Anonymouse said:
How are they - Jews, Christians and Muslims and others meet the same GOD which you hope for when you're filed with fury and misconceptions against the Christians, the others' beliefs ?

Pak Yehs reply :
Our gods are different.
Jewish god is god plus facist/racist religion that is only for Jews.
Christian god is one god that is three and hence a lie as one cannot be three.

Anonymous said :
( if some could believe ultraman had power, why not the Almighty ? )

Pak Yehs reply :
Your premise is wrong. Nobody believes in Ultraman except idiots. As such whatever you debate is wrong.

Anonymous said :
Now scientifically, (1)the sun as the source, 2) it radiates light, 3) and heat simultaneously.

Pak Yehs reply:
The sun can be said to be god. but the rays(Jesus) and the heat9Holy Spirit) is not god because it will not exist without the sun(god).

Anonymous said:
So the question to you is where is the middle ground where your hope that Jews, Christians and Muslims and others can meet ? Now so divided, on what ground, on what order

Pak Yehs reply :
You might want to find the answer in the Quran.
As a guide,..
1)Its unity in diversity, made by God/Allah Himself.
2)The answer is also in Shakespear, "The world is a stage and humans are actors.".God is the Director.
Seek and you will find.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Yeh,

Thank you so much for your reply. Calling a guest a anonymouse? Really dry sense of humor, no worries, it wasn't meant to be hilarious, was it, Pak ?

Pak Yehs replied:
The sun can be said to be god.

Guest replied :
True. The solar worship was prevalent in ancient Egyptian religion as well as still predominantly practiced by thousands of devotees in Hindu religion.

Pak Yeh said :
Nobody believes in Ultraman except idiots.

Guest replied :
Some adults who believe in fantasies, they can visualize about their supernatural power, but not being able to capture the enlightenment of Trinity God.

There are believers whose minds and hearts are enlightened and receptive to believe in God and the conception of Jesus Christ in a holy womb.

You may even think i'm foolish to have such faith, it is fine with me. And it is also fine with God. It is your prerogative.

The scientific explanation is intended as a figure of speech to explain the Trinity God for simplest clarity and better understanding.

The ultimate is what God saith, urges, warns, even wept for humankind and His believers in the good book are based on His holiness,compassion, mercy and justice for all people.

Pak Yeh replied :

Guest replied :
pun intended.. most likely Shakespeare and Dr. Stephen Hawking so brilliant in one's respective field, the latter dreaming into infinity, yet he can't find God in his book, The Grand Design; could it be God loves playing hide - and - seek with His haughty children or the reverse or both ?

However, the three wisemen, magi or intellectuals brought gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold to worship Christ in the manger.
What could be the possibilities ?

Guest replied :
Pak Yeh, you are right, Seek and you will feed Him. HE only reveal Himself to those who are broken, who recognized they are sinners, they desperately need Him, HE is color blind, non racist.

God being God never fails, HE doesn't need us, yet HE loves humankind, it is we who desperately need HIM.

True, injustice and wickedness had happened by the betrayal of several men entrusted by GOD, by there are many who serve humankind faithfully regardless of creed, community and location to bring them healing, hope and dignity.

To claim to be believers in God, there must be a transformation of the heart, mind and character, to goodness, gracious humility, empathy, some consistently, some gradually, or others, a few baby steps weekly, but surely, by His power, through the daily reading of the good book with faith, prayers, being quiet before Him for a few minutes for many, a few hours for some and yes will find GOD is merciful and too good that we don't deserve His Grace.

Thinking aloud, wonder why a few read a few verses in the good book yet never get affected, or even provoked into anger but for others, it brings tears of repentance and exceeding quiet joy, peace, hope , love and even miracles in times of incurable sickness, great loss of loved ones, solitude or helplessness.

Concern :
There isn't sufficient money to give to them all, perhaps, we have to give like the widow in the good book. 30 % of our 1 million rm in our offering, not loose change - 30 rm just enough for a tiramisu and a cappuccino or about 3 K for a tie or certainly 35K but not for a hermes handbag.

Pak Yeh, i humbly rest my chat, won't consider it a case. Thank you so much for your kind reply any your graciousness for this long reply - exhausted, too . i wish you the choicest blessings from God as unto fellow brethren. Amen.

Gifts :
The Beatitudes ( Matthew 5:1-12) Certainly the poor, the hungry, the destitutes, have a place in God's merciful plans.

Intensely Controversial books
by Philip Yancey, a brilliant author.

pak yeh said...

Anonymous said:
There are believers whose minds and hearts are enlightened and receptive to believe in God and the conception of Jesus Christ in a holy womb.

Pak Yehs reply:
I am sory, I cannot see how an enlightened man can belief in dogmas that cannot be proven.
A belief that cannot be proven is a dogma/a mythology /or a lie.
Would you not be taking arisk there.???
I agree with most of Christian teachings,but the trinity,son of god is a risk,espacially when God had said,"Iam the only God.There is no god beforeme and there is no god after me.And there is no Savior except me."...Isaih 10,11,12.
Would you risk contradicting and anger God when you say there is two other gods besides/after God.???
How in Gods name can Christians contradict their own God of the Bible.??? Isnt it infidelity,disbelief and hipocracy to do that.???

Anonymous said...

Greetings, Pak Yeh.

Pak Yeh said :
A belief that cannot be proven is a dogma/a mythology /or a lie.

Guest’s reply :
The finite minds cannot understand or explain this mystery of God in the Bible as in John 10:30, 14:26, which is nevertheless a fact and to accept it by Faith. What is mortal man that God has to prove Himself by humankind’s hypotheses and theories ?

Pak Yeh’s reply :
I agree with most of Christian teachings, but the trinity, son of god is a risk. Would you risk contradicting and anger God when you say there is two other gods besides/after God ???

Guest’s response :
Thank you and God bless you for your agreement. Can truly understand why it triggered you to write the next line of questioning. Muslims love God as the Only God and so do Christians. However the latter, as in John 10:30, 14:26 is the confirmation of the belief by faith, not through confrontations, hypotheses and theories. However, in God’s mercy and compassion that none can’t find Him, HE may also choose to reveal this faith through confrontations among the scholars, scientists, law thinkers as in the States.

So sorry I can’t quote right of the cuff the title of a phenomenal book on the said subject written by a top – notch American lawyer. You could google it. It suffice to say that it is God’s prerogative so long discussions can be held in civility, love of brotherhood and diplomacy in any parts of the world as HE is peace.

We are in Malaysia, not aboard, it is best to chat briefly, as i respect your belief in God and have been taught that way.

Pak Yeh inquired :
How in God’s name can Christians contradict their own God of the Bible ???
Isn’t it infidelity, disbelief and hypocracy to do that.???

Guest’s reply :
Your question as in infidelity is interesting as based on God as the Only God. There is no question of infidelity here. I too believe God in His attributes. Thank you for your reminder. Questioning point blank as hypocracy is rather provocative, but hopefully, it is done in a diplomatic tone and refined body language.

Having checked my Bible on your sharing of Isaiah 10 and I esteem verses 1- 2 where God shows hearfelt concern for the poor, the widows ( old ) , widowers as well, the orphans and there is woes for doing wickedness to them.

Having read too many books, so this so- called show off guest - almost being led to the mind of infinity, as each author has own interpretation about God … nearly lose God, can’t afford as my faith is too priceless as based on the Word, so unbelievable that it has to be true.

Pak Yeh, wishing you God’s peace, goodwill and His friendship.

p/s Your remark on Solomon having 1000 wives, ha ha ha. Must be too free. One intelligent, mindful and gracious to stand beside as equal and likewise, is just perfect in the present time and future.

pak yeh said...

Dear Anonymous,
There are Christians who do not belief in Trinity, eg Jehovah witnes, Unitarian christians,Mormons, and Islam. Belief me Islam is a sect of Jesuit or Christianity that disbelief in trinity.Their lawas a identicle.
Well anyway I am not taking arisk by sayinf there are more than one god. I believe I blaspheme God if I say that.One God can never be more than one. Any attempt to make one god more than one are polythiest.
Anyway, check out all religions. Even Hindus belief in one God, but mythology makes it more than one.
May the One God that all believe in guide you to the right god.

Salam/Peace/God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Yeh,
Thank you for your time and graciousness in writing a thoughtful reply. I 've read all of your recommendations, and yes, the Truth will set ones free. No, definitely never to blasphemy the GOD who loves and gives salvation to humankind.

Though i'm still reeling from the aftermath of the back of my car being hit at around 1800 hrs today,i thought it would be nice to reciprocate your pleasantness with graciousness and respect.

i only have this to say God has been most merciful to me and to the fine Melayu chap, who apologised, " maaf a few times " Both are still alive. Most likely to continue berbakti to this nation though there were bad damages, but friendship gained. And my car will look brand new again and his, too.

Will you and all extend your reawakened warm friendship and graciousness to my fellow brethren of all Malaysians and likewise ?

God bless Pak Yeh. Final Cheerio.

pak yeh said...

Will do.
I am glad you are safe and that the other guys are safe too.
Your friendship will be cherished.
Salam/God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Yeh,

i didn't expect it but your kind reply is sincerely appreciated. Just to inform you that i smsed the fine fine Melayu guy this morning to thank him for being so responsible to fix up my car nicely. It took nearly two weeks.

What a fine young Melayu gentleman, thought he was educated abroad from the way he spoke English. Found out he is a local graduate, just started work at HSBC Amanah. Your friendship is cherished, too, like a dear brother. God bless Pak Yeh. Salam.