Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Questions on Christian Scriptures..

As we know the original scriptures of Christians are in Greek. But Jesus did not speak in Greek and neither were there any Greek deciples of Jesus. So 1) How did Jesus teaching landed in the hands of Greeks.???
This is puzzling and Christians have to anseer these questions
1) How did the Greek writers of the Greek Gospels know what Jesus teachngs are especially when they were all NON WITNESSES who lived 150 years after Jesus died.???
2) Was Jesus' teachngs translated into Greek from the Aramaic scripture in the languafe Jesus spoke,?t??
2;1) If so, where is the Aramaic scriptures.
3) Was Jesus teachngs taught by visions and dreams given to Paul of Tarsus and the other Apostles by Jesus.???
4) Why would Jesus give his teachings by visions to Greeks who lived 150 years after he died.??
5) Why would Jesus want to convert GREEKS N NON JEWS, when he said he was sent as a Messiah only for the Jews and when he said non Jews are dogs.???

I dont think Christian have any answers.
So I therefore conclude that
1)The Jesus of the Greek Gospels is not the Jesus sent to the Jews as a Messiah.
2) The Greek Jesus is a Greek creation to preach Greek man-god and son of god mythology like the Hercules story.
3) Thereforee the Greek Gospels that teach 3 gods in one god is not the teachings of the Jewish Jesus or Joshua who taught the one god / monotheist religion of Moses and all the prophets.
4) Therefore the Greek Gospels are purely a Greek mythology scripture that has nothing to do with the one god Monotheist religion of Jewish Jesus all other prophets of the One God..


bumi-non-malay said...

If you comprehend this written downloadable item in 2017 then perhaps you can learn to comprehend something written 2000 years ago or 1400 years ago copying the 2000 years ago history...If your mind and brain is closed and condone the acts of UMNO-PAS -Sultan-Agong-Govenor Melayu Islam.... then there is No hope for you and your generation!! Mark my words all Evil comes to an end eventually!!

pak yeh said...

Bumi non malay. Looks like you posted your comment at the wrong post.
Anyway what do you think we should do. What good is voting when the Election Comission cheat.